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the lonely and the isolated.

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View from the Tent


shares observations from a homeless man living in various


shelters in and around Seattle. 

These musings come from a man who was crushed by violence and loss. 

His reflections and stories will give hope to those people supporting others in

 similar situations,living on the outskirts of society.


"I had no idea there were people like Atreus living on the street."

“A great insight into those invisible in our society." 

“The best narrative on homelessness I have ever read!”

Two major Universities are using View from the Tent as a textbook in their Social 

Justice curriculums.

Dramatic readings of "View from the Tent" have been the center piece of

various fund raising events throughout the state. 




Since 1989, when I returned to the states from Ireland, I have been involved 

with many diagnosed with HIV. I have been on various care teams, support 

groups, panels, marches, fund raising events, as well as starting a non profit 

dedicated to giving those stricken with HIV a way to participate in society.


Nothing has been clearer than the desperate loneliness and isolation many 

HIV/AIDS sufferers face every day of their lives.


These are their stories. 

Stories full of courage, challenges and hope.


I am proud that I have been able to share their journey...


Trust Kids.

The essential message of this book is that when we trust kids we tend to get 

better long term results than when we hang on to the old paradigm of top down. 

"Trust Kids" shares stories confirming that when kids are involved in their own 

destiny they will surprise the disbelieving adults with their insight, 

recommendations and involvement with solving many challenges we all face today.


Stories range from a young girl trying to survive the siege of Leningrad to 

teenagers successfully finding ways to deal with racism, discrimination and bullying...